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Our hygiene concept

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Hygiene concept for vacation
in Brandenburg / Havelland

Safety and hygiene concept
to protect our guests and employees

Hygiene is a top priority for guests and employees. In order to do justice to the current situation, the hygiene guidelines as well as all framework conditions have been adjusted in all Excellent Learning Locations. These measures represent a minimum standard. Depending on their individual requirements, each member house has taken additional measures to offer their guests the best possible protection. In general, all Excellent Learning Locations adhere to the currently valid regulations of the federal, state and local authorities with regard to COVID-19.


  • All employees have been trained in the necessary hygiene guidelines
  • All employees who have cold symptoms are not assigned to work
  • Any gathering of people is avoided
  • The employees have received a sufficient number of mouth and nose protection and always wear it if the minimum distance or other safety standards, such as Plexiglas walls, cannot be met
  • Regular cleaning / disinfection of all hand contact surfaces (e.g. light switches, handles, table surfaces) in public areas


  • Disinfection dispensers are installed in the entrance areas
  • Good ventilation is provided as far as the structural conditions and other safety requirements (such as fire protection) allow (e.g. automatic doors are "open")
  • All hand contact surfaces such as door handles etc. are cleaned several times a day


  • Spit protection wall made of Plexiglas between the receptionist and the guest
  • Distance markings on the floor with 1, Sm mark
  • Information signs with "Please keep your distance"
  • Prefer contactless payments (e.g. with cards and by mobile phone) Disinfection of room cards or keys before issuing them
  • No public fruit basket or other food in the reception area
  • Mouth and nose masks can be purchased at reception


  • Fixed allocation of floor / housekeeping
  • Cleaning / disinfection of all hand contact surfaces (e.g. light switches, handles, table surfaces) with every cleaning
  • Ventilate the room during the entire cleaning time
  • Change of cleaning rags after each room
  • Cleaning staff work with mouth / nose protection and gloves
  • Offer to waive room cleaning, provided there is no change of guest, so that no other person than the guest enters the room during the stay


  • Significantly reduced maximum number of people in the respective rooms
  • Room seating with the prescribed distances
  • No public fruit basket or other open dishes in the break area
  • "Keep your distance" sign
  • Regular ventilation of the rooms during coffee and lunch breaks
  • Daily cleaning of hand contact surfaces (e.g. also remote controls, flipchart stands and pens)


  • Possibility to take this in the room or in a separate break zone that is exclusively available to the group
  • For central break zones: time slots for each group or only a certain number of people in the break room in order to be able to comply with distance rules.
  • Presentation of the food either on individual plates per participant or in packaged form


  • Increased cleaning frequency with public documentation
  • Hand sanitizers are available
  • Every second urinal blocked for reasons of distance


  • Reduction of the restaurant capacity to ensure the minimum distance
  • Reduction of chairs per table for reasons of distance
  • Long ventilation of the catering rooms before and after meals
  • Offer of the use of the outdoor catering (if available) with appropriate weather conditions
  • Service staff with mouth and nose protection
  • Offer of menus or a la carte meals, also in a suitable form at breakfast
  • No open presentation of food
  • Extension of the lunch time, if no generous separation of groups is possible
  • Drinks are in bottles on the table
  • Tables are set with gloves


  • Information sign on the maximum permitted, reduced number of people in the elevator
  • Elevator buttons are cleaned / disinfected several times a day

Our safety and hygiene concept can be downloaded as a PDF


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